Me at a glance:

D.O.B: July 10, 1986 (28)
Nationality: Kuwaiti
Current Residence: Kuwait
Occupation: Art Director at  Studio AIO
Interests: M.27, Art, Apple, Xbox 360, Music, Movies, Pixar & Studio Gibli.

My Artwork:
All my artworks are created from start to finish on Photoshop, using only a mouse. Each individual object is outlined, colored, shaded, lightened and detailed. The creation process depends on my mood as well as the level of complexity, simple ones take weeks and heavy ones take months.

Twenty Seven:
If you follow my work, you would have noticed the inclusion of the number “27” on all personal artworks and I’ve been asked about this literally hundreds of times. 27 is found on every single personal artwork in numerous ways, sometimes as a digit or an equation and mostly hidden, a tattoo, a crack, a stain, etc. So what does it mean? Well, a secret is no longer so when given away, so I tend to keep it to myself. There are many other symbols and objects upon more inspection that would seem more obvious in some artworks such as fish, M.27, and other stuff as well. Besides that, a lot of the feedback I receive surrounds finding these hidden “easter eggs” and it is sort of a trend I do with all my personal artworks.

Please not that a lot of my personal artworks can be purchased on Canvas and poster form and you may browse/purchase them here.

Graphic Design:
My other work on the other hand is graphic design and I have freelanced for many years and this online portfolio for the first time showcases many of these designs as well as ones I created during my work as a Creative Director and Senior Artist. My graphic designs expand through branding, logos, conceptualizing, website design, prints, packaging, etc.

Khaleejesque Magazine issue #3 (2012)
SketchBook Magazine (2012)
Pecha Kucha (2009) – Video
Al-Watan TV mini interview (Video)
Bazaar Magazine (May 2009)

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Abduzeedo Tutorial Showcase
Kuwait Times Newspaper
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DeviantART Daily Deviations (Awards):
I received an award (featured on front page) for each of these artworks

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Parrot of the East – Wonderland – Artificial Intelligence